Renowned Williamsburg, Brooklyn music production studio YouTooCanWoo receives exclusive piano care from Orpheus Piano Co.

From their roots founding a number of now beloved bands, including French Horn Rebellion and Deidre & the Dark, to producing the legendary MGMT debut EP "Time to Pretend," to developing a plethora of custom commercial endeavors including celebrated branding campaigns for clients from Spotify to MTV to independent film scores (Mateo) and eye-popping ad creative (Hennessy) - the bold audio architects of YouTooCanWoo simply do not stop.

The aforementioned projects are but a sparse sampling of the oeuvre of YouTooCanWoo. To explore more sounds that perfectly ride the wave of our zeitgeist, check out these folks on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Keep your ears tuned for the piano's presence amidst this sonic jungle...YouTooCanWoo's frequent use of a time honored instrument in a modern context is a prime example of humanity's enduring fascination with the piano and its remarkable ability to find a fresh place in each generation's musical expression.

Here's to the next era of the piano - the most versatile of instruments.