The heart of Orpheus Piano Co. is our team of dedicated piano technicians. Each of us brings our own special qualities and experience to the group, and finds the sharing of knowledge, resources and opportunities richly rewarding - indeed, our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. Via regular group training and unique field experience opportunities, members of the Orpheus Piano Collective progress through the levels of the Orpheus Academy of Piano Technology.

The diversity of our team allows Orpheus Piano Co. to offer services at a range of price points to better satisfy the varied needs of our clientele. Current rates for each of our technicians are available on the Book Us page.

Brooklyn Piano Technician Training Program

Our Training Program involves an introductory Apprenticeship Program with a focus on individual mentorship, followed by ongoing guided professional development as members advance through the higher levels of our program. 

The introductory apprenticeship combined with our program's advanced training levels comprise the Orpheus Academy of Piano Technology, which consists of 7 levels representing the stages of evolution from novice apprentice to master technician.

Our Apprenticeship Program focuses on hands-on work and individual mentorship at Brooklyn Music School. Newcomers to piano technology are phased into increasingly involved field work, offering piano tuning services at discounted rates commensurate with their evolving experience. 

As our Members progress beyond the introductory Apprenticeship, they continue their professional development by advancing through the levels of our Academy based on the knowledge, skills, and field experience they accrue. This curriculum provides the framework in which we work and thrive as each member of our team pushes onward on the path of mastery. 

Compare the relative levels of experience outlined below with the currently available technician levels and rates listed on the Book Us page to determine which technician is the best fit for your needs.

Orpheus Academy of Piano Technology

  • Level I Apprentice

    • Newcomer to piano technology ­- applicants to our program are rigorously vetted to confirm that they exemplify the proper attitude and characteristics necessary for success, including possessing a musical background, mechanical aptitude and definite promise as a piano technician.

    • Level I Apprentices receive an especially concentrated level of individual mentorship from our experienced technicians and participate in training opportunities until attaining a threshold level of competence for field work.

  • Level II Apprentice

    • Apprentices at this level are no longer beginners. They will have tuned between 10 and 99 pianos as they strive towards the 100 piano milestone required to advance to the Junior Technician levels.

    • Level II Apprentices offer their services at discounted rates that gradually increase as they gain experience via a combination of internal training and priceless field work experience.

  • Level III Junior Technician

    • Members at the first of our full-fledged technician levels will have achieved the critical milestone of tuning over 100 pianos.

    • They will have demonstrated a solid grasp of fundamental repairs and mechanical adjustments.

    • They continue to refine their skill-set in the service of our mission to improve the tune, touch and tone of as many pianos as possible.

  • Level IV Junior Technician

    • Technicians at this level have tuned 100-250 pianos.

    • They will have joined the Piano Technician's Guild and begun studying for and taking the three tests required for certification as a Registered Piano Technician. These tests include a Written Exam confirming that the technician has developed a broad and varied theoretical knowledge of piano technology, as well as a Tuning and Technical Exam. The Tuning Exam confirms a technician's ability to aurally tune pianos without electronic aid, and the Technical Exam tests the applicant's ability to perform a wide variety of repairs and mechanical adjustments to high standards under tight time limits.

  • Level V Senior Technician

    • The first of our Senior Technician levels marks a turning point in the technician's career, as they have achieved the rare distinction of becoming a Registered Piano Technician by passing the last of the three qualifying exams.

    • Technicians at this level are fully qualified professionals. If they have reached this point by progressing from the beginning levels of our Academy, they will most likely have been with Orpheus Piano Co. for around two or more years.

    • Senior Technicians serve in leadership capacities within our organization, nurturing the development of our less experienced technicians. 

  • Level VI Senior Technician

    • Our highest level Senior Technicians continue to expand and refine their abilities, exploring increasingly varied and advanced areas of piano technology.

    • Technicians who have progressed to this point from our introductory levels will generally have been with us for around three or more years.

  • Level VII Master Technician

    • This is the apotheosis of our craft, to which each member of our team incessantly aspires. This title can never be self-assumed, but must be conferred by a general consensus of one's colleagues. The path to mastery consists of never-ending exploration and refinement, and it is our ongoing pleasure and privilege to climb this mountain.