Develop a relationship with a qualified piano technician.

It's the most important thing you can do to ensure the health and longevity of your instrument!

With regular tuning visits (every 6 months) your piano will stay in tune, remain enjoyable to play, and we'll catch any developing mechanical issues early before they become bigger problems compromising your piano's value.

Regular maintenance also reduces the stress of your instrument falling dramatically out of tune and regulation, then requiring sudden large changes when repaired or tuned after long neglect - this can result in strings breaking, wear and tear of mechanical components, etc. By scheduling consistent piano check-ups, our clients save money in the long run by avoiding the development of costly problems and saving their piano from the stress of pitch adjustments.

Here's what you can do to keep your piano happy.

Make sure your piano is placed in an appropriate location. Any environmental factor that causes large shifts or extremes in humidity/temperature is very damaging to pianos. Key locations to avoid are in front of a window, next to a radiator or heating/cooling air vent, or in direct sunlight. What's more, many piano owners don't realize that they should avoid placing their piano against an outside wall...even this results in greater humidity shifts that will throw your piano out of tune faster and potentially cause other damage.

If your living space doesn't permit you to avoid violating these guidelines, installing a piano humidifier helps your instrument withstand humidity shifts.

Avoid any liquid exposure. If you'd like to clean your piano's keys, a clean cotton cloth dampened with dish soap diluted in water, or high percentage rubbing alcohol, does wonders. Just make sure not to over dampen the rag and avoid dripping any liquid on the case or between the keys.

To wipe down the outside of your piano, use a soft, dry cotton cloth and avoid furniture polishes.

Play your piano!

It's fun, fulfilling, and will ensure that you notice any problems as soon as they crop up so you can contact us to solve them.