New Orpheus Piano Co. Apprentices - Piano Tunings start at $50!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of two new members of our piano technician collective - Dave Mainella and Simone Peretti, both commencing promising careers as piano tuners.

Each is a gentleman and a scholar, has trained diligently with the pianos of Brooklyn Music School, and is available for Apprentice Rate piano tunings starting at $50.

At a third of our full professional rate, our apprentices are an excellent option for those who have held off tuning their piano because of cost and love the idea of supporting the development of strong new piano technicians in New York City.

Read more about Dave and Simone in our members profiles, and view their availability via our online calendar.

Orpheus Piano Co. Tunes Sing For Hope Pianos!

Orpheus Piano Co. recently partnered with Sing For Hope to provide volunteer tuning and repair for their famous outdoor street pianos, a New York City summer fixture since 2010 - read more about our experience and Sing For Hope's remarkable work here!

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Orpheus Piano Co. presents afternoon Q+A with Mario Igrec

The Orpheus Piano Co. technicians recently read Mario Igrec's masterpiece Pianos Inside Out - along the way, we developed an extensive list of questions. We're thrilled to present an afternoon Q+A with the author at Faust Harrison Pianos' Manhattan showroom - a priceless opportunity to clarify, expand and further explore this craft we love. 

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