New Apprentice Goes Live - meet Evan George!

Evan George is the latest of our new apprentices to complete basic training and become available for booking at reduced rates! Read more about him below, and reserve a piano tuning via our easy online calendar.

Evan George Piano Tuner Brooklyn.jpg

Originally from Berkeley, California, Evan has been playing piano since he was five years old. Each year his connection to the piano grew deeper, immersed in the worlds of Bartok, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Schumann and Satie. Music soon became his ultimate form of self expression.

Evan attended Willamette University. Though his studies were focused on comparative mythologies he spent much of his free time in the music department. Obsessed with recording pianos and effecting their sound using audio software sequences, this focus led him to the realms of sound design and virtual composition. Deeply inspired by avant-garde composers, but preferring the anonymity afforded to him in the digital space, he has released music online under several different aliases.

His interest in experimental music recently brought him to NYC where he hopes to find a community of artists and challenge himself as a musician. Piano technology was a natural step in his musical progression as understanding the inner workings of the piano would provide opportunity for innovation. He found Orpheus Piano Company after researching piano technology in the area and immediately felt a sense of kinship becuase the myth has long been a favorite. His connection to the piano has been a guiding force throughout his life, so he chose to follow it once again and hasn't looked back.