Welcome Gon Halevi - OPC Satellite Technician

Join us in welcoming Gon Halevi, to Orpheus Piano Co! Gon is the first to participate in a new branch of our organization we call our Satellite Technicians. These are independent technicians working with Orpheus Piano Co. on a select basis to support our mission of optimizing the tune, touch and tone of as many pianos as possible via special skill-sets and availability. They are not members of our Apprenticeship program although they do receive field support and guidance while operating largely independently.

We’re excited to provide another avenue for clients to enjoy excellent piano service via our premium customer service and easy online booking system. Gon will specialize in Manhattan and Northern Brooklyn clientele. Learn more about Gon here, and book an appointment with him today!

Gon Halevi New York City Piano Tuner.jpg

Gon is a professional musician who moved to New York for his Bachelor of Music studies at Mannes School of Music. His love for music started at the age of 6 when he started taking piano lessons in a conservatory. At the age of 14, he started singing opera: he stopped taking piano lessons, joined a choir, and started touring around the world with them.

Gon's love for opera singing brought him all the way from Tel Aviv, where he was born and raised, to NYC. However, his great love for pianos never waned, and while studying at Mannes with one one of the best voice teachers in the world, Mr. Arthur Levy, Gon started tuning pianos. At first, he worked on his own piano; soon enough, his friends asked him to take care of their pianos as well. Shortly thereafter, Gon became a part-time tuner in NYC.

In 2018, Gon took a course at the New York School of Piano Tuning led by Louis Tasciotti, Head piano tuner and technician at Mannes School of Music. During Tasciotti’s course, Gon discovered the amazing world of piano regulation and voicing. Since then, alongside tuning, Gon spends hours each week repairing, regulating, rebuilding, replacing, and voicing pianos in NYC .

Nothing excites Gon more than taking an old piano that hasn't been regulated, tuned, and voiced in years - and working on it for a few days in order to restore its magic.