Brooklyn's Orpheus Piano Co. Offers Expanded Team at Reduced Rates

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our expanded team of Piano Tuners and Technicians, available NOW for house calls!


Isaac Wynn, Orpheus Piano Co. Founder


We now offer three price points commensurate with each technician's skills and experience. As our technicians advance through the levels of our training program their rates will rise accordingly - so take advantage of the opportunity to receive an excellent piano tuning at unusually affordable rates now, just in time for the changing of the seasons!

We are tremendously excited about the increased reach and variety of services afforded by our expanded team of friendly, dedicated piano technicians, and can't wait to meet more incredible New Yorkers and their pianos - we invite you to take a moment to meet our team on the Members page of our website.

Here's to a beautiful musical transition to the most magical of seasons - Autumn in New York.

Stay Tuned!