Passion for Pianos - BMS Students get a Peek Inside the Grand Piano!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the standing room only recital this Saturday at Brooklyn Music School!  

We enjoyed an incredible program of young talent, ranging from drums to ukulele, to piano, and after the recital took a moment to get a view inside the grand piano most folks have never seen...

Isaac from Orpheus Piano Co. takes questions from the audience about the inner workings of a grand piano!

In addition to examining and explaining action of this grand piano, students had a special opportunity courtesy of Piano Technician's Guild Member Scott Murphy to view and experiment with a grand piano action model, a cross section demonstrating the mechanical chain involved in translating finger motion to string vibration.

What exactly is this "escapement" thing anyway?

Everyone had a blast, learned something new, and made special memories together - thanks Brooklyn Music School!