We proudly partner with ensemble mise-en to provide exclusive piano service to MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick.

Brooklyn contemporary music collective ensemble mise-en is a revolutionary group dedicated to performing works by established, underperformed, and emerging composers.  

Under the inspired leadership of composer Moon Young HA, ensemble mise-en captivates audiences worldwide with dynamic performances of large-scale works as well as intimate chamber pieces.

Its risk-taking performances are reflected in its name Mise-En: in Korean, “mee” means beauty, and “zahn”, to decorate, and the group unabashedly promotes “beautiful” artwork to the masses.

As the Lithuanian blog lrytas. lt kultūra put it: “Elegant hooligans or gentle terrorists?” - You decide.

About the Space

MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick is an intimate concert venue in the heart of Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York, and the home of ensemble mise-en.  In the French culinary tradition, the phrase mise en place, literally "putting in place," signifies a sense of passionate intentionality when setting the scene for the creation of something wonderful.  MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick wholeheartedly embodies this ethos, offering a space for inspiration, creativity and communication.

When not hosting one of ensemble mise-en's radical productions, MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick is available for use by the broader artistic community.  The space's open format allows MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick to suit many creative needs including rehearsals, photography, videography, theatre, concert performances, exhibitions and much more.

The intimate environment is perfect for chamber music, while remaining large enough to house rehearsals for a chamber orchestra. For those searching for a quiet studio for creative endeavor, MISE-EN_PLACE awaits. An ideal location for your next concert rehearsal or film screening, the space easily converts from performance venue to reception area, facilitating post-performance socializing between audience and artists. 

A state of the art quadraphonic speaker arrangement facilitates performances of electroacoustic works. When integrated with the house's instrument collection, this speaker setup forms an ideal studio for electronic composition. The instrument collection includes a baby grand piano, vibraphone, concert bass drum, large tam-tam, thunder sheets, drum kit, crotales glockenspiel, timpani, as well as a number of other percussion instruments.

Previous artists and ensembles who have used the space include ensemble mise-en, Invisible Anatomy, Ensemble Echappe, No Collective, Exceptet, Semiosis Quartet, SPLICE ensemble, and Contemporaneous, among many others.

Please contact rentals@mise-en.org for more information.