In addition to tuning and repairs, we also offer additional services such as evaluations, humidifier installations, practice felt installations, and cleanings.

  • Evaluations

    • This is a critical service for clients in the market for a used piano.  We'll visit the piano on-site before you agree to the purchase, inspect it thoroughly, and provide with you a written report of our findings, as well as our suggestions regarding an appropriate offer to make. Schedule an evaluation.
  • Humidifier installs

    • Piano humidifiers are the only effective way to protect your instrument from the ravages of seasonal humidity fluctuations.  The bulk of your piano is composed of wood and felt, both of which swell and shrink with rises and falls in humidity.  When the soundboard responds to humidity changes, it dramatically changes its pressure on the piano strings, changing their tension and therefore pitch.  This throws your piano out of tune.  These shifts also cause significant wear on your instrument over time, potentially necessitating costly repairs down the line.  Orpheus Piano Co. recommends Dampp-Chaser humidifiers. Contact us for more information about humidifiers and to order your system.
  • Practice felt installs

    • For upright pianos only - This technology involves a switch-controlled felt mute that can be lowered between the piano hammers and strings to provide a soft, muted tone when desired to accommodate neighbors, roommates or family members. Contact us for more information about practice felts and to order your system.

  • Soundboard Cleaning

    • Pianos inevitably accumulate dust and grime over the years.  Why not help your instrument look a few years younger?  The primary cleaning service offered by Orpheus Piano Co. is soundboard cleaning on grand pianos.  Grand piano owners know that the large horizontal soundboard underneath the strings accumulates thick layers of dust and traps miscellaneous objects such as pencils and paperclips over the years - but how to reach through the strings for cleaning?  We have specialized tools that allow us to accomplish this painstaking task.  Depending on how dirty your soundboard is, and how clean you'd like it, this job can take several hours.  Contact us to receive a quote.