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Knabe - Late 1930's "Queen Anne" Walnut Baby Grand #121067


A gorgeous vintage instrument with stories to tell - the Queen Anne case is absolutely stunning. While this piano would benefit from action reconditioning, it has been well maintained by the longstanding owner, who has the rare distinction of being the original owner of this instrument. She grew up with, and has treasured this piano for decades, but is ready to downsize and wants to find a loving home for her piano.

  • Beautiful Queen Anne Case in good condition

  • Original Ivory keys in excellent condition overall, one small chip in treble

  • Soundboard and bridges in excellent shape, no cracks or damage

  • Pinblock generally solid, some slightly loose pins in bass within range of non-invasive treatment

  • No evidence of string breakage

Challen - 1940's "Chinoiserie" Boudoir Grand #69149


This charming, vintage Challen Boudoir Grand (measures just over 4 feet long!) has an extraordinary unique case elegantly painted in the then in vogue "chinoiserie" style. The owner tells us that this is one of just two pianos made especially for the second British Empire Exhibition of 1938 to show off British manufacturing.

While it certainly shows its age, the piano still has plenty of music to make. Although it's real value is its rarity and as an exquisite furniture piece, with regular tuning it is up to the task of casual entertaining, holiday parties, and hobbyist practice.

If you're looking for something no one else has - the perfect missing parlor piece - please reach out today to arrange a private viewing.

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Mason & Hamlin - 1927 Model A #36554


Mason & Hamlin is one of the finest piano brands of all time - and this 5’8” 1927 Model A Grand is of prime vintage. A recent complete rebuild, this instrument possesses a powerful bass, singing treble, and exquisite touch and tone. This versatile piano would be equally at home as a stunning living room feature or in a larger music or rehearsal room.

  • Refinished in gorgeous satin ebony

  • New soundboard

  • New pinblock

  • New strings

  • New damper felt

  • New action - hammers, shanks, repetitions, key bushings, keytops, etc.

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