Poul Henningson Piano on Park Ave

When my client initially called asking whether I was familiar with Poul Henningson pianos, and whether I could tune one, I was initially dumbstruck...Paul Henningswhat?  A quick google search turned up this 1930's marvel of Danish design.  After confirming that the piano's internal structure remained traditional, I jumped at this rare opportunity to get my hands on one of these darlings. When I arrived at the auction house, the staging crew was still reassembling the piano after shipping.


I took the opportunity to recieve a tour of the inchoate exhibit, and glean a few facts from my host.  I learned that the last P.H. Piano they sold went for approx 150k.  These pianos are still manufactured upon specific request, but the originals are very rare and sought after.  And although these tiny baby grands don't sound like much, they sure do look cool...

20150602_104042 20150602_104118 20150602_104905

Simultaneously futuristic and retro...

With the piano assembled and opened, I was ready to get down to business.  We decided to tune the piano 1/10th of a half-step flat of concert pitch  since it was quite flat already, and we wanted to minimize risk of breaking the rusty strings before the upcoming weekend brunch unveiling of the auction, with a live jazz pianist...


The tuning proceeded without incident - at the top of the piano I realized something only piano technicians will appreciate...

Because of the piano's unique design, with no case or cheek blocks accompanying the keyboard on either side, neither a rim extending above the plate, I was able to place my tuning hammer in the normal position in the high treble without straining!


isaac tuning ph piano

After I finished wrestling the odd little thing into harmony, I filled the now empty Auction hall with jazz flourishes that bounced off the high white ceilings to fall back into perhaps the only Poul Henningson grand I'll ever see...much less tune.