Shift Lever Repair - Part II of III

Next step - make a new shift lever out of hardwood with the grain oriented properly.  The current shift lever had the grain parallel to the floor, resulting in shearing at the impact point of the lever on the underside of the key frame (this piece shifts the key frame and hammers slightly to the right when the left pedal is depressed, causing the hammers to only strike 2 out of the three average strings per note and reducing volume accordingly). I had neither the facilities nor the know-how to do so.  So I reached out to restoration expert in Queens I know, and was pleased to find out that he could fashion a superior duplicate without much trouble.


First step - select a proper piece of wood and plane it to the same thickness as the original part.


Then cut the strip to about the same width as the widest part of the original - you can see the faulty part in dark brown wood in the foreground here.


Trace the original outline...


...and then cut a the same shape.  Then drill a hole in the same position for the axle upon which it rotates on.  You can see A. holding the pieces on top of each other here to use the hole in the original as a guide for the drill press.


Refine the outline with a belt sander...


...and I'm on my way home satisfied.  Next post - installing the new part in the piano, final modifications to fit the instrument.