The Most Cash Ever Found Inside a Piano (by me)


I had to pull this baby grand action to realign several hammers that were binding on each other and causing multiple notes to sound when one key was depressed.

I always enjoy removing old piano actions because the inside of the piano is often an accidental time capsule... It's likely the action hasn't been removed in quite some time and whatever objects have fallen inside the piano over the years remain in dusty repose...

Sometimes I only find dust - sometimes a wheat penny, an old metal subway token, or just a boring old quarter.  

Today I found cash for the first time - and not just a Washington, but a Hamilton!  Next to the bill was a sticky note with a list of handwritten musical terms and their definitions, & a tiny pencil that said "big game today!"

Someone many years ago must have been really bummed when they lost that bill, but perhaps they would have been pleased to see the smile on the face of the piano's current owner when I handed them an unexpected $10 bill.