Procuring Raw Leather in South Slope

I've been on the hunt for a nice, thick piece of soft leather for some time now...specifically since running into a grand sustain pedal with far too much lost motion. I discovered that an ancient strip of thick leather meant to cushion the top of the rod attached to the pedal had worn away - releasing the adjustable nut on the top of the pedal rod, extending its length fully, still didn't take up the extra space.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any replacement leather in my pack - and I had no idea where to find some. A fellow PTG member suggested I check with cobblers - the guys who make and repair shoes - for extra leather.  He suggested a store in midtown, but I never made it out there.

Then today I passed by a hole in the wall shoe repair place two blocks from my I've passed countless times. It's rarely open...I finally took the initiative to investigate.


Now that's what I call a sign.

sign small

Inside I found a small man covered in glue - he spoke only Spanish, but I did my best and after much time musing and a phone call to his boss, I got this beastly chunk for $23 and and he threw in an extra piece of thinner leather for piano applications other than pedal rod cushions - can't wait to bust this out at an appointment and solve problems.


Now I just have to find scissors manly enough to cut through this thing.