a sunny halloween eve in the old hood - Greenpoint

Lucked out today with two tunings within a 12 minute walk of each other in Greenpoint - the first neighborhood I lived in when I moved to NY in 2011.  Always brings a wave of strange nostalgia to be here - beginnings and endings are vital, and this was my first impression of this city. First tuning is a surprisingly decent Baldwin spinet rescued from the street in front of this building full of rehearsal spaces, described by my client K. as a "ghetto flatiron building" - there's a homemade marimba constructed from 2x4's on the shelf behind me - K. sits to my rear left in my blind spot and I see him practicing air jazz drumming when I peek - he leaves me alone for awhile after asking "will you feel safe here if I head out for awhile?"- I felt safe.

20141030_103206 20141030_103209 20141030_103233 20141030_121513

the apartment building I lived in when I first moved to NY - pivotal moments happened here.


Hit up a pizza joint for a quick lunch before my 1.30 around the corner - buffalo chicken makes me want to vomit but the plain slice is alright - I run the numbers on my weekly income so far while the fat proletarians in front of me reminisce about their navy days and discuss torpedo arrays...


Italian heroes on the wall


I make my way to my next appointment at a recording studio on the water...

20141030_132236 20141030_132448

...serial # 263775 - a late 1928 Kohler and Campbell.  A unique piece, painted to satisfy the "oriental craze" of the time in psychedelic dribbles of gold and green on bold red, with Asian vignettes - I've never seen a "miniature full sized piano" - no Spinet style drop action, but my knees can't even fit under the keyboard comfortably despite lowering the drum stool completely, so I adopt an awkward sideways pose and knock my back down another level of spinal happiness.


20141030_132955 20141030_133328 20141030_133331 20141030_133337

I pitch raise to put the piano in the ballpark, apply CA glue to loose pins in the mid-range, tighten loose hammer flanges to ameliorate antique clicks, then fine tune in time to make my evening piano lesson.  Wish I'd had time to relax in this beautiful park that's been staring me in the face from behind this oriental oddity.


G train from Greenpoint to 15th St-Prospect Park and I'm only 4 minutes late to my piano lesson-afterwards a mysterious walk home through the park, and it's time for pumpkin carving, an 8.99 Shiraz blend I find just off Bartel-Pritchard Square, and the Nightmare Before Christmas - glad to be home before 10pm tonight - exhausted but grateful.