only appointment today - 5pm - upper west side

20141029_17422220141029_180503 20141029_180512 20141029_183320 20141029_185532 20141029_211106 Later tuning than usual - left a 1 out of the address and ended up at the tip instead of the top of Manhattan - started an hour late, but finished with good results in record time, pitch raise and fine tuning included. Enjoyed the three layers of former tuners' stickers, the most recent being Mr. Lurch of White Plains.  Territorial markings.

This piano was inherited from a great aunt in upstate New York - first movers couldn't get it into the apartment because of the tiny elevator, charged several hundred and just left it in the lobby - she called me for help - I got my guy Frank on the job and he delivered - according to him, the trick is pointing the keys away from the banister when you move it up the stairs.

Long trip home, tired and hungry when I arrived at 10:30 - 1 to 2 train to foiled attempt at the B67 to taxi...but arrived to gourmet fennel pasta on the stove... thanks love