3 days until Halloween...first blog post in the life of an itinerant NYC piano technician

Today I tuned in Ditmas Park.  A house built in 1905.  An old lady knits in a wheelchair on the porch, attended by a West Indian nurse, by a large obelisk of melted candle wax.  The piano is over 100 years old - the first time I've seen finger tightened bolts to hold the front panel in.  An odd rail attachment with individual metal studded leather tabs that can be lowered in front of each hammer to produce a "mandolin" tone...installed incorrectly and doesn't lower without bending...that's a new one.  A nice action design where I don't have to remove the pedal dowels to pull the action to replace a broken hammer shank I repair on the table behind me.  Some aspects of the old "cabinet grands" were definitely superior to modern designs!  Antler handled cutlery...grains of wheat left behind by the mice who also left droppings on the baseboard inside.  He offers me a beer during the last 40 minutes of the tuning - only the second time I've been offered a drink at a tuning in the last 3 years.  Broken duck on the deck...It's dark when I leave and I snap a picture of that creepy candle wax... 20141028_155922 20141028_155932 20141028_155951 20141028_161257 20141028_162401 20141028_170529 20141028_190757 20141028_192233 20141028_193028 20141028_193035