"During my first few years as a piano tuner, my clients continually told me how difficult it was for them to find an accessible, reliable, professional, trustworthy, and fully qualified technician - that needs to end. I want every piano owner to have easy access to consistent, quality, affordable service."

 - Orpheus Piano Co. founder, Isaac Wynn, RPT

Our Mission

In a larger sense, Orpheus Piano Co. was founded to remind people of the value and importance of music. In a modern world hypnotized by instant gratification and commercialism, the timeless appeal of authentic acoustic pianos, the dedication necessary to play them, and the artful craftsmanship required for their maintenance all remind us of the beauty of moving away from commodification towards genuine engagement.

Our core mission is optimizing the primary facets of the piano experience - tune, touch and tone. However, we regularly work with a network of trusted associates providing quality corollary services, including Piano Restoration Specialists, Piano Movers, Carpenters, and Dealers. Whatever your piano needs may be - Orpheus Piano Co. is the right place to start.

Our Story

Brooklyn’s Orpheus Piano Co. provides excellent service to countless pianos throughout the five boroughs of New York City in private residences, recording studios, concert halls and beyond. Our friendly team of dedicated piano technicians is uniquely structured to offer a variety of services and price points to ensure every client finds the perfect fit - we invite you to learn more about the Orpheus Piano Collective and our Academy of Piano Technology on our Program Description page. Through the professional development facilitated by the Orpheus Piano Collective, we complement our outward focus on serving pianos and the people who love them with an internal dedication to the ongoing development of our craft and the humble satisfaction of the pursuit of mastery.

We are proud to promote music creation, performance, and education, and firmly believe the piano is an especially key player in all of these worlds. To that end, we view our passionate dedication to the piano as a commitment to emphasizing and expanding the best facets of human culture. The Orpheus Piano Co. family includes a select handful of partners who share these aims - we are honored to work with the incredible people of Brooklyn Music School, ensemble mise-en, and YouTooCanWoo, and encourage you to learn more about them via their profiles on our site.

Orpheus Piano Co. is excited to share our passion for pianos and the marvelous New Yorkers we meet through our blog project Pianos Of New York, where you’ll find a running series of photos and heartwarming stories sure to inspire even more piano magic in your life.

Stay tuned!